Ezoiz Custom NFC Business Card

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Tap, Connect, Impress! Ditch paper with Ezoiz custom NFC business cards. Design your unique online profile, update anytime, stand out with modern tech, and go eco-friendly! Order yours today!

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Ezoiz Custom NFC Business Card: Ditch Paper, Elevate Your Networking

Tired of outdated paper business cards? Elevate your networking game with the Ezoiz Custom NFC Business Card, the modern and eco-friendly solution that connects you instantly and effortlessly. Ditch paper waste and impress potential clients and partners with cutting-edge NFC technology.

Showcase your brand and connect with a tap using EZOIZ Business Cards:

  • Fully customizable online profile: Share your contact details, social media links, website, and more – all stunningly organized and visually appealing.
  • Effortless updates, always current: Keep your information fresh and accurate anytime, without needing to reprint cards.
  • Seamless mobile interactions: Designed for easy sharing and accessibility on all modern smartphones (Android and Apple).

Stand out from the crowd with innovative features:

  • Tap to connect: Share your online profile instantly with a simple tap, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Sustainable choice: Reduce paper waste and embrace an eco-friendly approach to networking.
  • Durable and premium quality: Make a lasting impression with high-quality materials built to last life long.

Ezoiz Custom NFC Business Cards offer:

  • Professional design templates: Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates or upload your logo for a fully custom look.
  • Track connections : Gain valuable insights into how your card is being used to personalize your follow-up and measure networking effectiveness (available separately).
  • Mobile-friendly experience: Optimized for seamless interactions on any smartphone device.
  • User-friendly platform: Design and customize your card with ease using our intuitive online platform.

Order your Ezoiz Custom NFC Business Card today and experience the future of networking!

Frequently Asked Questions

EZOIZ Custom NFC Business Card

  • What are Ezoiz Custom NFC Business Cards?

    Ezoiz Custom NFC Business Cards are paperless business cards equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Instead of handing out a physical card, you simply tap your phone to another phone to share your online profile instantly, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

  • What information can I share on my online profile?

    You can customize your profile to include your contact details, website, social media links, portfolio, videos, and more. Think of it as a landing page that showcases your brand and instantly connects you with potential clients or partners.

  • How do I create and design my online profile?

    Ezoiz provides a user-friendly online platform where you can easily create and personalize your profile. Choose from professional templates, upload your logo, or design your own unique layout. It's intuitive and accessible to everyone.

  • Are Ezoiz NFC Business Cards eco-friendly?

    Absolutely! By going paperless, you're reducing paper waste and contributing to a more sustainable future. This resonates with environmentally conscious individuals and businesses.

  • How much do Ezoiz NFC Business Cards cost?

    The price varies depending on the product and the quantity you order. Check the Ezoiz product for current pricing.

  • How much do Ezoiz NFC Business Cards cost?

    The price for each product is as mentioned in the website and you are always welcome to contact us for the bulk purchase and more customizations through our whatsapp number +971 581795805 or through email info@ezoiz.com

  • How do I use my Ezoiz NFC Business Card?

    Simply tap the back of your card against any NFC-enabled smartphone. Their phone will automatically be directed to your online profile, where they can access your information and connect with you instantly.

  • Do I need an app to use my Ezoiz NFC Business Card?

    No! Most smartphones have built-in NFC readers, so no additional app downloads are required. It's a seamless and convenient experience for everyone.

  • Can I update my online profile information after I receive my cards?

    Yes! The beauty of Ezoiz is that your online profile is dynamic. You can edit and update your information anytime through the user-friendly platform, ensuring your details are always current and accurate.

  • Can I track how my Ezoiz NFC Business Cards are being used?

    Yes! The Pro feature offers valuable insights into how your cards are being used, such as the number of taps, locations, and demographics of individuals accessing your profile. This data helps you personalize your follow-up strategies and measure the effectiveness of your networking efforts.

  • Can I integrate my Ezoiz profile with other CRM or marketing tools?

    Yes! Ezoiz offers API integrations with various popular tools upon request in the pro version, allowing you to streamline your workflow and manage your connections seamlessly.

  • Can I use custom NFC chips with Ezoiz?

    Currently, Ezoiz provides pre-programmed NFC chips integrated into their business cards. However, they are exploring customization options in the future.

  • Does Ezoiz offer security features for my online profile?

    Yes! Ezoiz employs secure servers and data encryption to protect your information. You can also control access permissions to your profile, ensuring only the information you choose is shared.

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